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Kawasaki brand was founded in the late 1896 in Japan, involved in many different fields such as aerospace, heavy industy, motorcycle, marine, transportation,
Kawasaki Sport was founded in late 1915, and is one of the world leading brands in badminton. In 2008, Shenzhen Kawasaki Sport Co. Ltd fully finished buyout for Kawasaki Sports Trademark in Asian-Pacific region, This opened a new era for Kawasaki badminton. By these short several years Kawasaki Sports has come back even stronger then before, Kawasaki badminton products has been sold in over 50 countries and regions worldwide, Kawasaki cousumers are now enjoying its good fame in superior design and quality with favorable price for everyone.

Kawasaki Sport with worlds first level R&D department and production base, is mainly focused on producing  rackets sports with everything from hardware to textile products.

Kawasaki Sports has now been stretching it self by taking on multisports world wide and is now going stronger then ever and for the first time in many years has come back to enter European market by entering in the multisports department with Kawasaki Sports Europe.